NotPetya does not make sense, except it does

5 minute read   -   July 12, 2017

NotPetya, a rapidly spreading malware that wipes the infected computer systems, made it to the news big time in 27th June. Now as the dust has settled down, ...

OWASP Top 10 2017 draft released

3 minute read   -   April 26, 2017

OWASP published a draft of Top 10 Application Security Risks 2017. It has already caused a lot of controversy among web security folks. So here is my viewpoi...

Rowhammer.js - memory corruption via JavaScript

2 minute read   -   July 31, 2015

Recently I stumbled into an interesting paper. This paper introduces a bug / vulnerability called “Rowhammer.js”. In short: Rowhammer.js enables hardware-lev...

Onko Internet rikki?

4 minute read   -   September 01, 2014

Exceptionally I write in Finnish, since this is my comment on article by Jussi Pullinen (@JussiPullinen) at